Ellen J. MacKenzie, Ph.D.                                                        Renan C. Castillo, Ph.D.
   Fred & Julie Soper Professor & Chair                                          AssistantProfessor
   Department of Health Policy and Management                            Department of Health Policy and Management  
   Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health                       Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
   Baltimore, Maryland                                                                     Baltimore, Maryland


   Stephen T. Wegener, Ph.D., ABPP                                          Nathan M. Parmer, Psy.D.
   Associate Professor & Director of Rehabilitation Psychology      Post-doctoral Fellow
   Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation                   Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
   Johns Hopkins School of Medicine                                               Johns Hopkins School of Medicine 
   Baltimore, Maryland                                                                     Baltimore, Maryland


  Additional Content Contributors

   Katherine Frey, M.P.H.                                                             Rhonda Williams, Ph.D.
   Research Associate                                                                     Assistant Professor 
   Department of Health Policy and Management                            Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
   Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health                      University of Washington
   Baltimore, Maryland                                                                     Seattle, Washington


   Dawn M. Ehde, Ph.D.                                                                James A. Fauerbach, Ph.D.
   Associate Professor                                                                     Associate Professor 
   Department of Rehabilitation Medicine                                        Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
   University of Washington                                                             Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
   Seattle, Washington                                                                    Baltimore, Maryland


   Patti L. Ephraim, M.P.H.                                                            Anna Bradford, MSW, LCSW
   Research Associate                                                                     Founder, REBUILD Program
   Department of Health Policy and Management                            Inova Regional Trauma Center
   Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health                       Falls Church, Virginia
   Baltimore, Maryland




                    Randy Kuklis                                                 Eileen Jaeger

                    Alexandria, Virginia                                         Herndon, Virginia


                    Robert Chalkley                                            Constance McKnight

                    Reston, Virginia                                               Leesburg, Virginia


                    Darla Beale                                                    Leila Johnson

                    Dale City, Virginia                                            Centreville, Virginia


                    Robert France                                               Stephanie Bigelow

                    Alexandria, Virginia                                          Arlington, Virginia


                    Scott Shields, M.B.A. 
                    American Trauma Society 
                    Upper Marlboro, Maryland




                    Command Create, Inc.                                 Michelle Williamson

                                         Project Manager, Art Direction, Interactive Design

                    Alameda, California                                         Alameda, California


                    Nichole Girard                                              Davy Stevenson
                    Interactive Design                                           Software Development and Consulting
                    Los Angeles, California                                   Portland, Oregon


                    MG Digital                                                     Michael Gomez

                                                      Project Manager, Flash Development

                    Oakland, California                                         Oakland, California


                    Igor Ruderman                                             XHTMLized

                    Flash Development                                         XHTML and CSS
                    Berkeley, California


                    Micah Giesel
                    Bot & Rose Design
                    Portland, Oregon



                    Ryan Gielen
                    Believe Limited

                    New York, New York


                    Mary Anne Perry


                    Baltimore, MD


                    Verve Broadcast Design


                    Louis Mills

                    Brendan Williams


  Support Provided By

The development and evaluation of this program was supported with funds from the United States Army Medical Research and Material Command, Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (Grant # W81XWH-06-1-0343). Additional support was made available through the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy and the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Grant # CE000198-03).